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Trust Brian not to write the standard travelogue.  No. Instead Brian has drawn on his many experiences over a period of nearly 30 years in his beloved Portugal and has woven them into an informative and highly amusing tome. Combining the beauty of Portugal with love and humour, this is a realistic and honest view of the Algarve. An essential read for anybody who has visited the Algarve who will revel in the anecdotes and tales of daring do, but also a must for anybody planning a visit. The insights and observations so cleverly worked into this book will stand the new visitor in good stead. If you are interested in love affairs, then Brian’s relationship with the Algarve will become a guilty pleasure for every reader.  
In complete comparison to the tongue in cheek style of “How the Algarve Has Changed”, “The Slime Pit” is a gripping thriller that takes you back to those terrific reads that just don’t seem to be written any more - until Brian came along that is. Based in the Middle East, the Mediterranean Sea and the Iberian Peninsula, “The Slime Pit” takes us on a white knuckle read populated by one of the weirdest collection of characters that you can imagine. Mad Irishmen, missing wives, a dodgy Prime Minister and a drug dealer - not to mention the beautiful, estranged daughter struggling to piece her life together. “The Slime Pit” weaves a web of intrigue and danger as the conspiracies unravel and morph together to reveal the guilty and the innocent. Will they all get their just rewards, long prison sentences and the deep drop? But never forget that Slime Pit!
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“Alan Upton - A Gay’s Downfall”
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