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“Can equal any of the 'celebrity' travel books” 

I was given this book by a friend as I have spent some lovely holidays in The Algarve over the years, and really enjoyed it. It is a light hearted account by someone who obviously loves The Algarve and the Portuguese and it made me laugh out loud. Really nice to have a book which covers such a span of time and the changes tourism has brought - not only was it very funny but also reminded me of holiday's past. and would recommend to lovers of Portugal or for anyone who enjoys travelling in Europe. Carol-Anne

“The book was witty, interesting - a delight to read”

I have visited the Algarve many times both for business and pleasure and have thoroughly enjoyed my time there, so when I discovered 'How the Algarve Has Changed' I was intrigued to know how it had changed from my last visit. I found the book on another web site, 'Algarve Has Changed' which is an unusual site, as it has classical background music plus a professional review, which sold me on the product. The whole content of the book was witty, interesting and a delight to read. I started reading right from 'Acknowledgements' and 'About the Author' which I do not normally do until I have read the book. Well, this really was a laugh a minute and had me in fits, as obviously both are totally untrue and a satirical send up related to most authors' overblown comments about themselves; and it really set the tone of fun for the rest of the book. Grant Smilley

“complete devotion and dedication in the writing of this novel”

.... this book is for you! The fabulous thing about How the Algarve has Changed, is that you don't necessarily have to have visited the Algarve to understand what is written in the pages. This book acts as a part auto biographical, part sitcom, part information guide and part travel guide, offering you a wealth of different mediums in one guide. Usually travel books bore me to tears, but this one adds such a personal stance that it is hard to deny the authors complete devotion and dedication in the writing of this novel. Cecile Cranston

“..Had Me Laughing”

“I found this book in the Griffin Bookshop, Almancil in the Algarve and wanted something to read on the plane home to the UK. It took exactly the time of the flight to read and I was totally absorbed by the content. I found the honesty and sincerity of the author with regard to the management of the area very refreshing and not something one would expect to find in most tourist books. Although some of the comments were quite critical, there was an obvious love and respect for the Algarve and its people, which had built up over twenty seven years. Much of the humour was a bit alternative, especially about the author, but had me laughing regularly at some of the situations in the restaurants. I would highly recommend this read..” Suzanne
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Clive Lawrence
The Slime Pit “I bought this book purely on an impulse. I was intrigued by the cover. I had no great hopes but thought it might be a different read. Well – what a surprise!  This book is an enigma. On the one hand a rip-roaring yarn in the style of the good old days, on the other hand I gained the distinct impression that the author has a very mischievous sense of fun. I loved the twists and turns, the short chapters which serve to keep up the pace (and which also tempted me to read just one more chapter). Brian Evans is obviously a great observer of people and their foibles. He also obviously loves to travel as evidenced by the many and exotic locations which are woven into the fabric of this strange and quirky tale together with its extraordinary collection of characters. If you are looking for something different to read. If you like a rip-roaring yarn in traditional style and you don’t mind a bit of tongue in the cheek leg pulling - then this is just the book for you. An enjoyable read and I’m keeping my eye open for the next of Mr Evans’ tales of ‘daring do’.”